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Our page builder is different: it's simple, fast, and produces the industry's best SEO.

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Landing Lion gives every user access to every template in our library of free, high quality templates. Choose from a diverse collection of designs and industries, all easily customizable to fit any style.

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Infinite Split Testing

Take your A/B testing to the next level. With Landing Lion you are not limited to testing 2 pages at a time. Compare as many pages as you want, simultaneously, with split testing.

Visitor Tracking

Landing Lion provides you with a comprehensive set of tools that let you analyze visitor data to uncover trends and valuable insights. Every page built in Landing Lion's builder comes with our Visitor Tracking baked-in - no extra work, just click publish.

Session Replay

Confused by the results or want to get a personal view of how every visitor interacts with your page? Well then say hello to the industry's most robust play-back feature available. Watch any and every interaction from your page visitors to know where they fell off or how they converted.

Contextual Reporting

Landing Lion provides you with insight into what works and where you need to optimize - improving your engagement, getting you more leads, conversions and a better ROI on your current web traffic.

Bonus Features!

At Landing Lion, we are constantly improving. We are always adding new plugins to our platform and develop much of our new features directly from customer ideas. Here are a few of the bonus features you can enjoy thanks to requests from customers like you.

Secure & Verified Domains

The moment you publish a page we immediately secure it with an SSL certificate. We also secure all of the custom domains you add.  Google has gone on record stating that not SSL certifying your domain has a negative impact on SEO. Help your page's reputation, security and SEO by ensuring your pages are SSL verified and certified.

Customizable Themes & Templates

Building from scratch is usually overwhelming. 

That's why we have a team of designers that create beautiful landing page templates for you to start from. However, we believe our editor is so simple and pain-free that building from scratch is often preferred. Both starting from a template and building from scratch is an experience you will love.

Control Account Access from One Place

Designed uniquely for agencies, this feature lets you easily control user permission and account access for every client. Whether you want to give full access or limit a client’s ability to edit pages, you can manage every account from one place.

SEO Optimized Pages

Because SEO guidelines are always changing, we stay up to date with changes and ensure our editor only produces the most search engine compliant markup possible. From lightning fast hosting to mobile friendly and responsive designs, we build with your goals in mind.

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